Amazing community (Thankyou)

Cuebase is not an easy task to undertake learning. Without the help of this community I don’t think I would have made it past the first day. Everyone is so helpful and quick. I was worried when I saw what cubase customer support was like. No contact at all in Australia. But honestly who needs a call centre when there is a community as thriving and unbiased as this one, you guys share everything above and beyond expectations every time. Showing immense patience at times. So apologies if this post is against guidelines. But I just had to say THANKYOU, without you guys I would never have discovered the true power of this Software. How it is not the studio standard over Pro Tools is mind boggling. All the more for us hehe


I’m glad you feel what I feel! :sunglasses:

There are “special moments”, for sure. But, generally speaking this community is absolutely amazing and willing to go above and beyond to help other users. I wouldn’t have a clue (many would probably still say I don’t) if I hadn’t started reading the forums. I started reading (and laughing :laughing: ) on the old forums when I recieved my LE4 license. Man, that was an interesting time. I can only say that the users helping users forum support we have right now is the greatest it has ever been. Good stuff, for sure!

Edit: I guess just typing “” created an automatic link. Anyway, this is more about what I was referring to …

Is the old (blue) down for good? - Steinberg Lounge - Steinberg Forums


Pssssst , just a little secret between me and you … Cubase Youtube Channel every Tuesday and Friday 6pm UK time , 4 hours of live questions answered by Greg Ondo . No other Daw vender does this . Don’t tell others , it’s hush hush :upside_down_face: :see_no_evil: :crazy_face: :ok_hand: :+1:

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