Amazing! Congratulations on N6

Just watched the videos, looks like a fantastic product with a ton of great improvements.

Congrats to the whole team at Steinberg!

Thanks Marsman!

Congratulations also from my side! I am especially excited about NUAGE, looks very promising and like a worthy replacement for my DM2000.

Thumbs up!

The N6 video had me at “loading”.

I have been happy as a clam with 4.3… but this is too tasty to miss. Ordered my grace-period N5 today!

Congrats… and thanks!


Congrats! But I was right about N6 being next Spring!


Who did cut that promotion video??

I would check and re-cut at 04:40 ff…

^ Yes come on sort it out! ADR introduced but talks about loudness!

Liking the look of 6 though :slight_smile:

Hi all,

thanks for the hint. Indeed that’s a mistake and our team will sort it out within today.


Hi Bruce,

Nuendo 6 will come first quarter of 2013. The reason is that we’re still in the last phase of integration and testing with the Nuage system. As Nuendo 6 is a vital part (core) of that new system, we spend even more time in quality testing of all components. Of course, Nuendo 6 also benefits from these extra tests.


Wow! Obviously Steinberg’s been very busy! I sincerely hope all these changes resolve the many issues that have been discussed over the last few months.

Personally ( and perhaps still a bit early do discuss this) I’m curious if any discounts will be given to existing Anymix Pro users. That plugin alone cost me 126,05 €, 9 months ago. Great plugin and it’s awesome to see it integrated into the Nuendo workflow.

So congratulations! No rest for the weary it seems… :wink:

Wow, just wow…!

Congratulations on N6, it looks stunning, and I can’t wait to work with it. Looks like you guys are hitting this one out of the park!
If there was any disappointment with the feature set, it would be that we have to wait until early next year to have a play :stuck_out_tongue:

A few questions:
-in the new mixer, is there still a 6+2 insert limit on channels?
-what is the tape and tube saturation based on? Is there any code used from the Yamaha Tape plug-ins (which I demoed and loved)
-Does isono do any fancy binaural down mixing stuff when you mix down from 5.1 or more to stereo?
-does the new control mapper allow for things like mapping midi modulation on a midi track to a fader on the MC Control, or any plug-in parameter (map let’s say the filter cutoff on an EQ or filter plugin to a fader)?
-how does the asio guard work exactly? what happens when you get close to full CPU useage and dropouts are starting to occur?
-any new additions to the project logical editor?
-is customization of colors for the UI the same as on C6? I still find that I can’t get enough contrast between the UI and workspace…i.e if I turn down the brightness for the UI, so does the workspace, they don’t seem separate.
Also, it would be fantastic to be able to fully customize the color for range selections :slight_smile:

Anyhoo…amazing work…it looks ridiculously awesome…



Congratulations !!! It looks stunning, killer features. Will jump on it on Day 1!!

Just a question about the Remote Module. In one of the video in the popup window there is System 5 MC as a choice.
Does it mean it will be possible to freely assign plugin parameters to the MC Pro/System 5 MC surface?. So the user can assign the parameter of choice to the rotary knobs??

Great Stuff!!!

Congratulations Steinberg!!! I’m really looking forward to the release!!!

And in the hype I forgot myself…

Congratulations, Steinberg /// Herzlichen Glückwunsch Euch!!!

Looking forward to upgrading my system setup and also including N6 when it is there! Lots of cool new features by the looks of it.
Still a few things missing to make it a top notch product (especially for post), but I know it all takes time and resources. I hope you are listening to our wishlist too, so if you can add those in together with your surprising innovations, this would be a dream!

Can’t wait…looks very promising!

Amazing !!! Bravo Steinberg.
It seems Nuendo will be on top of Daws feature wise.
Nuage (if priced well) looks like the dream controller to have.

Mostly doing post at the moment, I won’t pass this one for sure.

[Lethargy mod off]

Absolutely amazing! Great job guys!

Yep! And finally we can get true “muscle memory” functions for all plugins. Ratio and threshold will always be on the same rotary (if you set it there).


Hopefully the new mixer features are also assignable via free midi-command…!

This was one of Nuendo’s strength (compared to PT) until N5, which allowed me to absolutely personalize my controller environment. Unfortunately this was given up, and for example the Surroundpanner never got controllable via generic remote.

oh LORD :astonished: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Unbelievable!!!