I tell you…version 1.2 is going to be AMAZING! John showed us some of the features and I cannot wait to get my teeth into it. Your drumming feature is STUNNING…as well as the flexibility of cue notation!

You genius developers are amazing and this software is heading for eternal superiority in the annals of Notation Software!

It is an honour to be in “partnership” with a company (after almost a lifetime of searching) that knows musicians and their needs / requirements to create projects that are of the highest standard and publishing quality!

PLEASE guys, consider Dorico to set up Cubase for further fine-tuning regarding mock-ups for Film Directors. If Cubase could be set up according to the properties, envelopes and tracks as done in Dorico, it would be a phenomenal time saver!

Thank you for your hard work in creating this Notation Software, instead of laying low after your previous marvel! THIS time, you have got it right and even better! A team to be proud of. Dorico is absolutely money well spent!! :slight_smile:

Regards from Cape Town
Hans Nel

Thanks, Hans. I hope you will enjoy using the new features.

I had a look at the stream yesterday and was happily cheering, when John started showing the cue notation feature :slight_smile:

Someone needs to tighten up their NDA.

Wow, really amazing!
After looking at the video I can only say Doricos drum/percussion notation editor is the Rolls-Royce among all drum/percussion notation editors :slight_smile:
Compliments to the crew!

I’m deeply impressed! For me that’s the best Christmas present I could think of! Thank you so much.

I have to agree with all above, very well done with all new implements!!

Christmas will be exciting this year, can’t wait !!

I’d expected something well thought-out and well-implemented but these new features superseded by expectations! May the competition beware!

I enjoyed every minute watching a last Discover Dorico session. Great update!

Me too. The cue feature seems so easy. Just like the obvious way to implement such a thing… but I guess it’s only possible in such a straightforward way because of the design choices they made early on, separating musical data from layout etc. This is all really impressive! The mere thought of what Dorico could be in a couple of years is amazing!

is this stream available for public viewing?

Amazing work!

Just one question:

I didn’t see any options for guitar in John’s quick rundown of the fingering options. Typically, there is a more liberal approach to placement in guitar literature, and then there is the issue of different indications for the left and right hands, as you are undoubtedly aware.

So, my question is, will the next update include support for the different aspects of guitar fingering as well?

I could be wrong but I suspect that Guitar will not be implemented (or recorder for that matter) until they develop tab/ pictogram labels as well.

Rather, I should clarify: based on what was shown, it appears that generic fingerings can be applied to anything in much the same way a dynamic marking or articulation would be. I think it is Tab that will be lacking.

That’s outrageous! When does this development team sleep? :astonished:

I used to work as an application developer for 12 years. Our department of 20 developers could hardly have gotten around at this time.

Thank you and I bow to you.

The absence of tablature is not the issue I’m enquiring about.

Rather, my point is that there really is no such thing as ‘generic fingerings’, which is why the upcoming update will include dedicated options for piano, brass, strings etc. as demonstrated in the latest Discover Dorico stream.

Of course, fingering practices aren’t necessarily completely different between instruments, as many instruments share common aspects. Guitar fingering, however, is quite a different animal from fingerings for e.g., piano and strings, both in terms of placement and terminology, so it needs to be specifically supported.

As you say, Knut, guitar fingering is a different animal than fingering for other instruments. Because Dorico is still missing a number of other notations that would make it truly suitable for complex guitar music, we elected not to tackle guitar fingering as part of this round of work. When we come to try to handle the special requirements of guitar notation more fully, I would expect us to tackle guitar fingering then.

Although the new fingering features in Dorico are probably still better than the fingering features in either Sibelius or Finale for guitar (neither of those programs really has good, automatic support), Dorico will not, for example, automatically position fingerings within the staff, which is commonly done for guitar fingering. So there will be quite a bit of manually moving fingerings around in Engrave mode if you decide to go down that road.

However, I am delighted to see that you all recognise the scope and ambition of what we have attempted in Dorico 1.2, and that you are excited to get your hands on it. Dorico 1.1 was an enormously ambitious release, but Dorico 1.2 is considerably more so. Just looking at the release notes I’m working on, Dorico 1.1’s changes took 33 pages to describe: Dorico 1.2’s currently take 43 pages, and I’ve not quite finished writing things up. It’s a big, big release.

Daniel - will we be able to add in a pitched percussion? E.g.,

Percussionist #1 does Marimba, Claves, and Conga
Percussionist #2 does Crash Cymbal, Sizzle Cymbal, and Vibes

It looks like Dorico 1.2 will be another quantum leap forward for the Dorico team. :slight_smile: I’m especially looking forward to the unpitched percussion and cues implementation.