This is truly remarkable. It’s been said elsewhere about chord symbols, but I think worth repeating for cues: overnight, Dorico has gone from ‘doesn’t support cues’ to ‘has the best implementation of cues by far’. It was the feature I was waiting for the most, and I, as others seem to, literally gasped while watching the video. Bravo.

Yes, absolutely. Your percussionist players can hold any combination of instruments. You can choose either to have instrument changes between them, or show the unpitched instruments and the pitched ones at the same time, as you wish.

Thanks, Daniel!
As a matter of priority, that makes sense.

For the fingering popover: will it support using letters as well as numbers? If so, then guitar fingering is pretty much doable (classical, that is).
Second question: does the popover need to be invoked over each pitch, or can it be “left open” as one moves from note to note? Either way, this is a great addition, and the update looks fantastic.

Bravo, in advance!

No, it only accepts a very limited range of input, essentially Arabic numerals, with a couple of exceptions, e.g. you can prefix L or R to tell Dorico whether this fingering is meant to be played by the right or left hands.

It needs to be invoked for each note or chord separately, because the notes need to be selected in advance, so that Dorico knows specifically which note(s) the fingerings you are typing apply to.

Daniel - thanks. There is still the shift-x for letters, so one can make do.

As a guitarist I am looking forward to your implementing specific tools for us. I can only imagine that they will be superb!

Well done on the upcoming features, they look really fantastic


These new implementations are incredibly well thought out. Dorico has taken a lot of heat at its beginnings, for allegedly snubbing large portions of scoring needs, but it’s really coming good now (as it already has done with chord symbols), and the patience sure has paid! Congratulations and many thanks.