Amazon Drone to deliver my next Cubase!!

Now this is waaaaaaay koooool!!!


You take everything to drive up your post number, don’t you ?

Can’t help to notice no matter how fragile those gizmocopters look and as cool as they are they are, more than what we will care to admit they’re gonna be taken down by … very naughty boys! Some care for the container and some care for it as a hunt trophy, while others [insert naughty reason].

And in the US the NRA will lobby to have those things armed!!! :mrgreen:

Sounds pretty neat until one lands on a five year old playing near the mailbox!

It’s all hype and nonsense. Very cool but hype and nonsense. The legal implications and being able to fly these things around will take a long time to sort out. I’m getting an air rifle for my Christmas just in case though.

There are more guns than people in America, and millions of gun nuts who’d love to shoot at anything that moves. Further incentive: get free stuff from Amazon!!

In other words: a disaster waiting to happen.

Yeah! punish! PUNISH! :smiling_imp:


Yep, think of this scenario: Skynet replacing Amazon’s packages with a couple pounds of C4 ready to blow up in your face as soon as you open the box…

I said SKYNET, not Ted Kaczynski :laughing:

I’ll be back!!

I thought we were on C7 now…


Good one!

BOO! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha! Love it! :laughing:

What I want to know is this:

If I don’t tip the drone delivery service enough, assuming I can get close enough without losing any fingers that is, will Obama give the go-ahead to ‘pull the trigger’ & have me ‘officially punished’? :open_mouth: