Amazon TV Delivery Requires ProTools Session

Looking at delivering a TV series to Amazon. Part of delivery is the original version full mix ProTools session so the team doing the foreign dubbing can match any plugin processing on the dialogue.

I really don’t want to start mixing in ProTools just meet delivery requirements. I’m hoping the will accept a Nuendo project.

Has anyone here delivered a Nuendo session of the original version mix to Amazon without issue?

What is the exact language? Can you share the document or copy-paste the text?

I know I’ve seen some networks say “Pro Tools or equivalent” or something like that…

The last two times I had to deliver PT sessions it was first for music cue sheets and they accepted AAFs instead (can’t remember the network) and second time I think it was HULU where I delivered just the mixes, submixes and stems laid out in a PT session in sync to picture.

Here you go

  • Include the Domestic Mix Pro Tools session file (.ptx) in the audio package prior to delivering to QC vendor (audio files are not necessary). The Domestic Mix session will be referenced by dubbing mixers to recreate the OV creative intent as accurately as possible.
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Interesting. I’ve never delivered to Amazon so that’s a new one to me.

I would consider reaching out to relevant parties to see if this is really a demand they have or if they would accept Nuendo instead. Seems a bit silly for them to demand just the one DAW… then again, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised.

You could also ask on as well as Audio Post Production (

Please keep us posted.

They are asking for the session, so they can use the same plugins for their post production. So, unfortunately, you’ll have to figure out how to get them a Pro Tools session. They do not need the audio, only the session, which makes sense, so they can go off of what you’ve already done post processing.

If you used third party plugins, mose than the Nuendo plugins, you can save the settings on the plugin’s native format, rather than the Nuendo format, for import into a blank Pro Tools session.

If you cannot figure this out easily, let me know, I might help you. I have a current version of Pro Tools and Nuendo 12.

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Thanks for the offer. I do have ProTools Ultimate but prefer mixing in Nuendo. I do a lot of my processing as clip based processes, thing like reversing and stretching and bending dialogue etc so inserts in PT aren’t going to help them anyway.

Having said that, a while ago I delivered a job that was recently acquired by Amazon. They contacted me asking for PT sessions of the dialogue mix. That show had some heavy DOP based plugin processing that i was able to replicate as inserts and I did just that in a PT session. One of the characters voices could not be processed with inserts however so for that I sent them screenshots of the processes and plugins settings from the DOP.

For jobs that are actually commissioned by Amazon though I’m hoping they can accept a Nuendo session and save having to rebuild all in PT . I’ll post anything I find out here.


Just send a blank session. No one’s ever gonna open it.


I have heard from other post houses that they did not sent in the total mix. Just a session with all the stems, period.
Negiotate this because it is also a bit of a ‘trade secret’ how you run your sessions imho and why give it all away. All we need is 1 person with an opportunity/rationale/need to have your work stolen or sold.


Yes, just a session with stems would be ok. I think I’ve turned this in before (though not to Amazon). Though, Graveley is right…no one will ever open it. :crazy_face:

For movie post this is really a non-issue though. Nobody is going to steal the mix. The mix by itself is useless without picture which in turn is owned by someone else anyway. So as mix engineers we (or the studio/stage) have already been paid a single fee to do work-for-hire. Then it’s out of our hands.

I could see for some episodic work that it would be a bit questionable. I was once asked to tutor a staff engineer at a facility on a specific show I did so that he could sub for me if necessary, and I knew that if I did that they’d just hire that guy for everything instead… for a lot less money. So, no free education for him.

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Just checking - that was directly from Amazon? Not from the production company, right?

I’m not talking about a mixer (that argument I agree with) but the post house that did all the work (edit adr premix mix). Isn’t Amazon asking for the whole Mix session? When you work in the box (who doesn’t) then that means that the whole project is in the session. Or am I reading this incorrectly?
also I’m not talking about the mix but how a posthouse sets up their templates, their vocal chains and how they treat ADR. In an ever rapid evolving market the budgets get tighter everyday and you need to have some tricks to finish things in time at the right quality level… that is a trade secret in my opinion that one should be careful with.

I’m just a sound designer skipping from studio to studio but I would never take a template or copy anything at all from them. It’s their property, so why give it away?

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Yes, directly from Amazon

Perhaps, although Amazon have already asked for the processing plugin chain used for two characters in a show I delivered that they have since purchased so I suspect it will be opened.

I don’t get it. In over 30 years of professional sound engineering, I have never been confronted with a comparably disrespectful request. We sell our results, not our tools, workflow and experience. - I would willingly provide stems (if paid for the extra work), but never my raw, open session … 8-P


I think it would be great if we could get a detailed list(!) of the plug-ins used and their settings for our dubbing. This would ensure that the dubbed version is as close to the original as possible. So far I’ve only seen Disney give specific instructions or recommendations.

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In one case I was able to recreate an insert chain in ProTools of about 6 plugins I used in Nuendo DOP but in another case this was not possible as the processing involved some reversing so I sent them screenshots and a written description.

I’m hoping this will be enough. I find Nuendo so incredibly efficient for mixing with its macros and the ABS Q-link in the mixer. Not to mention the insane flexibility of the DOP! I would be very sad so not be able to use it in the original mix because the dubbing facility prefer I don’t.

I understand international distribution is everything for streamers and dubbing is super important but I’m hoping we are still allowed to use our tools of choice on the original version creation.

I wish more studios were aware of the merits of Nuendo or that Nuendo could offer incentives to push themselves into more large facilities.

OK fine. Send them printed stems in an AAF or PT session. If they want to process the German charters to sounds the same, they can pay you to do it. (Some extremely creative people use a lot of out of the box sound tools for sound creation/manipulation. There’s no way they can demand you hand over your creative techniques.)