Ambeo conversion in nuendo?


I have a bunch of recordings I did with ambeo mic and h2n ambisonic (wxyz).
I have no problem using them in my sessions (output 5.1) using the ambeo decoder plugin and the “ab Decoder HOA”.
But after derush in nuendo, I would like to be able to export the ambeo files as ambisonic format (wxyz) and also the h2n that I edited as wxyz.
Sometime… I would also like to “recenter” the ambi file so that when I drop it on the time line it’s more coherent but still stays ambisonic so I can pan around later if needed.

So once my file is cleaned, leveled, and paned using ab Decoder HOA to center the image I want to export my files in wxyz (no more ambeo)
I tried using render track but it creates a 3rd order ambi file :stuck_out_tongue: (and nuendo crashes)
If I do bounce, the format I get in output is 5.1 (my session’s format)
Do I really need to do a specific session with … ambi out (how can I listen to this?) so I can bounce wxyz?
Any idea on how to do this ?.

We do not use Ambisonics. But as far as I’ve noticed, the format is implemented rather “suboptimal” in Nuendo. In any case, I would assume that you have to create an Ambisonics main bus so that you can work reasonably with Ambisonics in Nuendo. The monitoring of the Ambisonics signal is done via the Control Room.

Why don’t you write to @Thyme-Traveler? He recently asked questions about Ambisonics here in the forum. It made the impression that he has already worked with Ambisonics frequently. @Dirx might also be able to help you with your question.

You mean this plug-in? And you don’t want to export the signal as Ambisonics, but as e.g. Atmos? Do I understand that correctly?

I am not shure if I understand what you try to do.
Just convert A to B format ( ambeo mic recording)
and rotate and level 1st Order Ambisonic signals ( B format converted ambeo and B format h2n recordings)?

I do not understand, why you use the “ab Decoder HOA” at all?

Also you might check for the difference between “wxyz”, which seems to be the output of the Sennheiser plugin that converts A format to B format, and the recording of the Zoom h2n recorder, which, according to the manual, is “Ambix”, which is “wyxz”. (Nuendo provides Fuma (wxyz) to Ambix (wyxz) converter (and the other way round…).
Nuendo uses Ambix order.
Maybe your need to “recenter” is explained by the difference of the channel order.
1rst Order Ambisonics is rotatable, you could “recenter” with nuendo ambidecoder in the panner (Yaw pitch etc…).
So I would go (for Example):

-Audio channel 1 (1st Order Ambisonics) with Sennheiser Plugin for the ambeo recordings (+Ambiconverter Fuma->Ambix
-Audio channel 2 (1st Order Ambisonics) for h2n recordings
-both to group track (1st Order Ambisonics).

You can automate pitch yaw etc. in the channels Ambidecoder/Panner for panning/recentering.
Either set the group to “no output”, and use an aux sent to route the audio to your Main output (opt1, this way channel format will be 1rst Order ambisonics if you render the group), or create a 1st Order Ambisonics output bus in addition to your 5.1 out (opt2 you don’t need to listen to it).
So you can render the group out for “opt1”, or you render the 1st Order output for “opt2”.

I hope, that I got your intention right…


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What do you mean by “recenter”?