Ambient Reverb disappeared

Hello. First time here.
I’ve been using Cubase with Ambient Reverb as my main reverb.
It went missing yesterday. I’m not sure what happened. Has anyone else encountered this issue? I downloaded it again but I thought I’d see if I was alone with this one or not. Thanks, Glenn

Hi and welcome,

Does it become blocklisted in Cubase?

Hello, sorry for the delay in replying. Thank you for getting back to me.
I don’t believe it’s getting blacklisted but it’s basically missing. It shows as !!!Ambient Reverb!!! With those added exclamation marks, but it doesn’t open. It was a collection of affects including delay, ping pong and those types of things. The reverb was really the only one that I used. I’m using a different reverb now and it’s so so but I’d sure like to get this one working again.



This !!!Ambient Reverb!!! means, the plug-in is missing. But it could be just blocklisted. Then you could put it back (to your own risk).

The reverb plug-in magically reappeared one morning. Thank you so much for your consideration! Have a great weekend!