Ambiguous report when loading tracks with missing vst plugin


Throughout several years I was working on some tracks for my new E.P. and today I loaded one of my tracks i’ve been working with in several cubase versions starting from cubase 8.5 to cubase 10, I wanted to load it for final mastering and suddenly I noticed tracks couldn’t beloading because the plugin was missing.

So the error window actually said “trackname couldn’t load plugin trackname”. So as you can guess what’s weird about that is that it doesn’t tell me which PLUGIN couldn’t be loaded. As I know the track inside out I realized these were Spire 1.0.21 parts. I appearantly removed that version of the plugin as I use 1.1.14 now.

So I reinstalled the older version too and the project loaded fine.

So my issue is: why doesn’t cubase give more proper and directed / transparent info on what exact plugin isn’t loaded? And can this be improved in the future ?


This has been reported already here on the forum and it is investigated.