Ambisonic Output Bus Creation Crash on Nuendo 12 on PC

When I create an Ambisonic Output Bus on Nuendo 12 on PC it crash. Nuendo shut down. This is working on the Mac version. It is was working on Nuendo 11 on the same PC.

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Hey Thorsten,

Just to note that I’m having the same issue in N12 and C12 since 12.02. Crash occurs as soon as I try creating an Ambi output channel and doesn’t create a crash dump file in either program and it just freezes and closes immediately. Same reaction in both programmes. M1 Mac works fine with both and Waves also seems to be OK accepting Ambi Wav files. Kris

I’m having the same problem.
Please tell me how to solve it

Did you not read the 2nd post in this thread? It’s a bug and a fix is on the way.