Ambisonic reverb

I’m very pleased about ARA2 and the Ambisonic features in Cubase 10.5.
It’s getting hard to imagine two new feature requests.

It would be kewl if reverence had a few ambisonic IR files, so that you could pan sources to different locations within a space and get an ambisonic result. Imagining how to do that, I think it would be a tall order.

I’ve had some ideas about how to simulate ambisonic reverb algorithmically. I’d start out by just modelling the first reflections as EQ’d digital delayed versions of the original sound, so maybe 5 tracks panned to the appropriate wall locations. 5 tracks of regular mono reverb might be more realistic, but I guess it would sound too muddy. And it would murder the processor. The delayed signals should be clean and simple to maximize the sense of direction anyway. On top of this ambisonic digital delay, I’d add some old fashion stereo reverb that vaguely matches the size and nature of the virtual room. (This virtual room would have to be specified at the start in order to calculate the delay times.) I think I could design a plugin to do this, or at least make a spreadsheet model to calculate the delays.

Still, it would be nice to avoid such labor.

Hop the new update has 3d riverb.