"Ambisonic Toolkit" Plug-In Istallation

Does anybody have experience installing these plugins? I understand they are not VST - But are able to run via Reaper VST wrapper plugin called “reajs.dll”

I’m not sure how to install after that – weather or not I need to have Reaper installed – I suspect not - but maybe I need the Reaper app file structure in place in order to find them with the VT wrapper plugin.

If anybody has any information regarding this - I would be very appreciative.

Thank You


Hi Felix,
I would recommend installing the FB Spatializer Plug-ins from 2 Big Ears. https://facebook360.fb.com/spatial-workstation/
They’ve become very popular since Facebook bought them and of course the media works on Facebook too.
They work fine with Nuendo and they are free. On a PC you must be running the 64 bit version of N7 for them to work.