Ambisonics 2 YouTube, but WITHOUT 360° Video

Hello everyone !

I’m busy these days with 1st order Ambisonics, recording files with Nuendo via a corresponding 4-channel Ambisonics microphone. It all works really well, I can listen to it here in the studio in a variety of ways either via headphones or the 7.1.4 system, and also export the file as WAV - no problem at all.

Now I also record a video during the audio recording, which is NOT 360°, but just conventional.

Example: I am recording a 1st Order Ambisonics audio file near a river, which I am filming at the same time.

In Nuendo I can load the video file and at the same time the Ambisonics audio file, everything is wonderful.

My problem: How exactly do I bring audio and video together afterwards so that I can upload it to YouTube, so YouTube will also recognize that it is Ambisonics audio and then play it back accordingly? - My goal is for the viewer to be able to hear the Ambisonics 4-channel spatial sound on headphones while watching the 2D video.

I’ve tried many things, e.g. B. the Facebook Spatial Audio Workstation, the Google 360 ​​Metadata Injector, but they all always want to generate a 360° view from the video file, which it just isn’t.

Can someone help me with a few tips and hints?

Thank you in advance !