Ambisonics and vst2.4 shell

on the one hand, Steinberg has implemented the so long-awaited support for Ambisonics up to the 3rd order, and on the other hand has stopped supporting vst 2.4 shell into which the bundles of the best and professional Ambisonics plugins - O3A by Blue Ripple and Richard Furse - are packaged

To the question whether it is possible to exit from the shell, or go to the vst3 developer said “unshelling” creates some serious inefficiencies (speed and memory) and there are too many individual plugins (internal build has almost 300) and converting plugins to VST3 would be a big project and makes no economic sense for the small company for now

thus way, again as before Ambisonics implementation, users (me, al teast) are induced to stay either in nuendo7, using not specialised 22.2 bus or back again pay attentions to Pro Tools and Reaper

That’s the request: to turn back vst 2.4 shell support if it dosen’t contradict economic or any other business policy.
Nuendo’s Ambisonics and BlueRipple together - it wil be brilliant!

Hi Arcady,

Like you, I was glad when Steinberg included Ambisonics in Nuendo, and, like you, was disappointed when I noticed that Blue Ripple Sound plug-ins didn’t work in Nuendo. You can circumvent this problem by hosting the Blue Ripple Sound plug-ins in a Plogue Bidule plug-in hosted in Nuendo. Not ideal, but workable.

That being said, there’s two suite of Ambisonics plug-ins that do work in Nuendo and that are quite comprehensive and actively developed: and