Ambisonics B-Format recognition

I would like to see a audio track, group, control room, aux track creation for Ambisonics B-Format. When Waves Nx Virtual Mix Room Ambisonics plugin, which is Ambisonics B-Format, is loaded, Cubase (and Nuendo from what others say) see it as a quadraphonic (Quad) track, and not an ambisonics track. Ambisonics B-Format does use 4 “channels”, however these channels should be seen as zones within a sphere (Left-Right, Up -Down, Front-Back, and Center sphere), not a square with a speaker in each corner.

This is important because Waves Nx allows us to unlock greater mix potential when using Dolby Atmos, by allowing the mixer to explore full immersion of a Dolby Atmos mix within the context of binaural, instead of a head-locked position.

Professor Michael Wagner from Drexel University shows a work around by creating a Quad track and disabling the panner - Revisited: Monitoring Dolby Atmos with Waves NX in Nuendo 11 - YouTube. Create Quadro Output set it as main mix (do not connect it to audio interface - create a Dolby Atmos Renderer 7.1.4 Group/Bus (Insert renderer and point Dolby Atmos authoring tool to it) - to 3rd Order Ambisoncs Group/Bus (Disable panner) - to quad bus with Waves Nx (change panner to standard, and then disable panner) - create Qudro Monitor in Control Room (Connect L and R Audio interface outputs to the first two channels)

The workaround