Ambisonics Immerse? Working in C10.5?

I thought I would try this out. I downloaded the program and registered my ear… but no joy. All the videos I see are using Nuendo and there seems to be things happening in Nuendo with this program that are not happening in C10.5. Has anyone had success with this program running C10.5? If so, can you walk me through your process?

OK, I’m calling this a unsupported app for Cubase as I haven’t heard anything from the company making it or Steinberg which apparently owns it. Nothing after my initial customer service request 3 days ago, just the auto-generated acknowledgement of receiving the request. The 14 day trial is rather worthless at this point - I have 11 days left and it hasn’t been used.

I’m very surprised that Steinberg is involved with this offering.

I’m also on a 14-day trial right now. What I’m having trouble is exporting a stereo mix down inside Cubase 11. Anyone know how?