AMD 16core server cpu with Cubase 6

Hey guys,

I’m thinking about building a new computer, with two 8 core bulldozer cpus, 4+ ghz. I’ll be stacking it with over 40 gigs of ram, and a couple of ssd drives to avoid bottle necks.
The reason for this is because I’ll be wanting to conduct huge midi orchestral sessions, ones that can run over 20 minutes long, instead of always freezing tracks.

My question is, will cubase utilize all these cores?
I can’t afford xeon processors, and I don’t like the # of ram slots with the i7 2600 sandy bridge.


Short answer is yes.

However, do you really need all this RAM if you are using SSD? Some sample players allow you to reduce the pre-load buffer, and this should enable you to use less RAM, as well as reduce loading times drastically. It all depends on which sample player.


what make you think the bulldozer will be cheaper.
or that it will even be anywhere close to an Intel system?
AMD wont release until Sept. right after that is intels new release
which will be far better.

As far as I know the performance with 8 core is since C6 stable. It could be (not sure) that higher counts then 8 cpu’s will not be as efficient as 8 cores! This due to synchronization between the processes on the different cores.