Amd 4600g?

I’m looking to go pretty basic and budget friendly with a pc setup mainly because my current one is more of a gaming pc. How well would an Amd 4600g, 32gb ddr4 and no gpu work for Cubase 12 Pro? My main software/instruments I use are Neural dsp, Omnispehere 2 and Superior Drummer 3. I do have a few other effects I use but I thought I would point out some that might require a bit of power. Whilst we are on the subject, would a Gigabyte B550m be a good motherboard? Thank you in advance.

I think might be too slow for your job, like the omnisphere. maybe just small tracks okay?

I’m currently using an Intel 8700 and the amd runs the same if not better. Omnisphere runs perfectly fine on my current system.

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