AMD 5800X3D, 5900X performance in current Cubase/Nuendo versions for PC upgrade?

For my main studio PC I’m currently using an overclocked i7-6800K (with RME Babyface so an extra disadvantage), which while fine for many tasks is starting to show its age, in particular when I transfer projects from the AMD 5950X-based machine (with 3600MHz C16 RAM and RME thunderbolt interface) I use to work from home, complex stuff won’t even properly playback without a bunch of freezing and export times are getting a bit long too.

It has started to seriously affect my productivity.

My workload is a mixture of regular music production work, sound designy mixing for existing music projects from clients (often with a lot of stems in the project), sometimes heavily DSP-based sound design and Foley.
Also been dipping my feet into 7.1.4.

Other than Nuendo and a bit in the newer of the two main “clip-based” DAWs, I also spend a lot of time in RX.
For very heavy FX-chains I use BlueCat Patchwork.
A bit of simple DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Lightroom Classic stuff is also part of the course.

Unfortunately I’m currently not really in the position to spend big on a new platform from Intel or AMD.

The good news is, I have a bunch of spare parts.
(- Nvidia GTX 970 which eventually will be replaced by a AMD RX6700XT, if prices for next gen AMD GPUs will stay sane)

  • 850Watt PSU
  • 64GB of 3200MHz C16 RAM
  • 1x PCIe 3.0, 1x PCIe 4.0 SSD, 2x SATA SSDs
  • Fractal Define case with Noctua fans and a D15 cooler.
  • Win 10 License
    (- RME Babyface and Sound Devices MixPre 6 as interface which hopefully will be replaced by a RME UFX+ (or predecessor) or RME HDSPe MADI)

And because of the DDR4 I already have Intel 12th/13th gen don’t seem as compelling.

So the big question for me is AMD 5800X3D or 5900X for the cost savings and perhaps even extra performance? (with motherboard around 550€)
Or just maybe another 5950X for a bit of extra multithreaded grunt across big projects? (with motherboard around 750€)

For me the 5800X3D is a bit of an unknown here.
I know Heise has tested it with great results with Windows 11 and a Tascam interface.
Unfortunately I couldn’t really find DAWbench results comparing it with the 5900X and 5950X. Which would be very interesting to see at different buffer settings.

My WILD GUESS is that the 5800X3D would provide higher track counts in low latency (including and below 256 Samples at 96kHz ) scenarios, while the 5900X and 5950X would shine a bit more in scenarios with larger buffers and higher audio track counts like surround, Ambisonics projects, maybe even Atmos projects with 512 samples and 48kHz.

Am I totally of the mark here?

Sorry, I went on for a while there. Only trying to paint a clear picture.
And I know I overthinking it a bit here… ^^

Any help will be appreciated.

All the best,

Search gearspace. Com for dawbench and x3d. It was discussed and linked to just last week.

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Ah thanks, must have overseen that.