AMD Graphics Card Recommendations Request

I seriously consider pulling out my nvidia GTX770 and try my luck with AMD in order to improve performance.

Searching the forum I found an older card (HD 6570) which is very difficult to get where I live.

If you can recommend or share your experiences with AMD graphics cards, ideally with displayport.

Anyone using AMD Radeon R7 360? It’s the most simple graphics card I can find with displayport.

Any other recommendations would be helpful…

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I have an AMD 7700 HD which performs perfectly well, although I only have one monitor.

Thanks PeppaPig. I’m considering HD 7700, but again it’s an older model and it’s difficult to find.

I am using an R7 200 series…can’t remember which one but it works well. I am also looking to get another with probably a display port as well so please report back if there are any issues.

I have a Radeon R9 200 series in my system, great for multi-monitor setups. It runs quiet (dual fans) and have had no issues with it playing nice with Cubase (…I may have just cursed myself…).

Thanks dlpmusic & xerogh for the info. It seems that you can’t go wrong with any AMD card. I wish I knew that before :neutral_face:

I am using an AMD firepro w4100 which can drive four 4K monitors through 4 separate thunderbolt (displayport) … I drive two - 4k monitors and a third monitor at 1080P. The drivers have been very stable. I have been on this system for over a year.

Thanks a lot Scotty, what OS you’re on?

Now also considering firepro series. AMD Firepro W2100 maybe.

Anyone else with a firepro to share their experiences?

Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate.

Based on availability & budget it will be one of these

AMD Radeon R7 360 & AMD Firepro W2100

I just bought the RX460…seems to work well.

Just a FYI for whoever reads this. I am using a few older Radeon cards here without any issues.
A HD3450 HD5450 and a HD5750.

Thanks for reporting dlpmusic. Another one ssserious contender, it seems a very good choice.
That’s a modern, future-proof GPU actually, with HDMI 2.0 and displayport v1.4 ready

Ordered the RX 460

Results will be posted for those interested

Did you get the RX460 installed?
If so, did you notice a performance change?


MrSmith yes, I got the RX460 installed.
There has been a minor improvement, but not in the scale I “hoped”. I also updated the BIOS, that might helped too. Cubase feels a tad bit snappier and maybe one or two crackles less on CPU heavy projects.
Nothing too special but for the moment I’m not going back to nvidia

I know you bought a card now, just thought I add some info others might find interesting, I’ve been forced to downgrade my 2 slot HD7700 as I needed room for a firewire card. Stuck a 2GB HD6450 in there. No problems or crashes so far, doesn’t quite feel as snappy as the HD7700 (I’m not surprised) but it does the job and is completely silent (passively cooled) I suspect it draws quite a lot less power too! Goodbye HD7700 - you’ve been a good friend! :cry: