AMD Threadripper and 5000 series performance for Cubase

After 9 years of hard work my Desktop computer is giving up on me so it is time to rebuild the old dog. I do a lot of data processing for my job so I have been eyeing the cheaper 24-core AMD threadrippers for a while. There is a thread from 2018 that didn’t really recommend them and many gens have passed since than so I wanted to get an updated opinion. Anybody use threadrippers and face latency or other issues?

I am also looking at the 5000 series. Looking at the benchmarks looks like 3900x had issues working with Cubase but not sure if things have been improved.

Basically everywhere I look people recommend Intel for sound but intel has been having so many issues lately in terms of security, quality and durability, I really don’t trust them enough at this point.

Appreciate any suggestions

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