Amd Vs Intel

I am just curious because I am about to build a PC and I am hoping to get the best performance and bang for my buck. I don’t want to spend more than 650.00

I have hard drives so I can eliminate that from the budget. Also an OS.

I am looking at either a Ryzen, or Amd FX or I7

I use my computer mainly only for music production and surfing and watching movies.

With music, I use a lot of plugins, Guitar rig, omnisphere, kontakt, etc.
I usually have about 10-15 tracks sometimes more.
I am thinking an MATX board. Because of the size, I prefer a smaller PC in case I move or somehting.
I am also considering installing and RME PCIE card vs my Tascam US 4x4
However, in the future I would like the option of thunderbolt 3.

Any help or comments etc is greatly appreciated. There is so much information out there, it is easy to drown in it. Thank you,

Forget FX.

Intel’s CPUs appear to perform better at very low latency. At about 192/256 AMD CPUs end up performing on par or better… for the money.

Intel also usually creates the fastest most powerful CPUs there are - i.e. not for the dollar.

AMD currently doesn’t have any solution that includes Thunderbolt 3.

Check various DAWbench test results for specifics. There is at least one thread on Gearslutz with info.

You might find a nice value sweetspot with Ryzen. Worth doing your own research on.

It seems at the moment Amd doesn’t support TB3 however, I read that after 2018, they will

Regarding TB 3 it’s probably best to not make too many predictions. I’ve read 2018 rather than after 2018, and some are now saying Threadripper is getting it on a new Gigabyte board, but reading the “fine print” and having been patient and now seen Gigabyte’s next statement on it makes it really be a “maybe”, for either 2017 or later…

So, if someone is buying this year then TB for AMD is probably best thought of as a no-go.

Yeah, I just went with an I7 7700k. Figured, why not make it easier on myself