Amendment to Murphy's Law

"You will only truly and desperately need the help of your fellow Cubase 7 forum members when the forum becomes unavailable for two weeks."

Issue solved after emailing back and forth with customer service over a week. Pretty sure it would have been MUCH faster to just ask in the forum…

You still had support from customer services and the problem was resolved yes ? 1 weeks not bad for Steinberg ,how long before they initially answered your email ?

Less than 24 hours. Which was unusually fast. Pretty sure they received directions from the top to be quicker in responding to customer issues, knowing that the forum was not available.

wow that was fast , it’s not the end of the world that the forum was down for a while , I mean surely some members actually started using some equipment in the down time lol
I believe if the site was hacked or spammed then the right decision was made , the moaning would of been a lot worse if the problem escalated.
At least you got it sorted .

I just want to add, if you are in the US, or the system see you as being there, support answers within 24 hours pretty much always. These awful delays people see are mostly non-US.


Pretty much depends on the issue. Users that couldn’t solve their problem via the Forum found the solution via Support, where possible. I have two recent examples of a producer and a studio, sorted with 2 e-mails. I kindly ask to show some respect for our work.
This is not to say that the Forum members do not know how to help, there are some guys with great knowledge around here.

Nope, no chasing from the top - the Forum being down means a higher work-load and slower response times because those who would try to find a solution asking other users cannot do so.
The response times vary on the work-load, not on other factors. If we receive 200 e-mails a day and have no backlog, then it takes 24 hours or less, if we receive twice the requests for 5 days in a row, the response time is delayed accordingly and inflates.


Please, keep in mind that Steinberg HQ needs to also assist local Support Teams and Distributors world-wide when they cannot find a solution. Which means difficult cases that need lots of research. We also deal with all licensing and sales related issues directly (again, world-wide).

Fabio posted while I was writing–

Steinberg HQ needs to also assist local Support Teams and Distributors world-wide

that gives perspective…


Regardless of the issue, or what your personal opinion of the inner workings of SB support might be, the minimum should be to be respectful to each other. There are so many cases where posts include personal insults, and not just against the SB staff (though they get the brunt of it).

Really, there are ways of expressing negative ideas without actually insulting the person you are talking to.

Thank you, although papi61 was not insulting or being particularly disrespectful - I guess this was more a general statement.

Still, much appreciated.

Yeah, I went overboard on that… I was speaking of the forums in general, definitely not to/about papi61. Sorry papi61!

Just wondering Fabio, do Steinberg gain access to Windows Error reporting dump files, as sent to Microsoft from end-user systems?

Whenever I have issues I always submit the error report to MS, since I feel that makes the OS developers aware of how for example Cubase is functioning in relation to updates, service packs etc.

Frankly speaking I don’t know, Artguy, IF someone can access that info, then it is the developers.

However, I don’t think there is more in the Windows Error listings than reported in the crash dump, which bears lots of information:
– quite some when analysed by Support
– definitely a lot when resolved by Development


Please do something about the brazilian support. They took 46 days (!!!) to answer my email regarding a faulty UR28M. The local support said “he was on vacation and events”.

So I swiftly replied that email and now it’s been 10 days with no answers.

This is unacceptable and hurts the brand’s name.