Among The Stars

What do you think of this song? I hope you like it, the voices are synthesized.


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I’ll start by saying this isn’t really my musical cup of tea, so someone who ordinarily listens to material like this would probably have better insights. The first thing I’d say is that the music is very much in service to the video, and I guess I’d prefer them to be equally gripping, or to have the video somehow not be so dominant over the music. If this was done specifically as a soundtrack, I guess that’s fine.
It seems to be well recorded and produced, but at around the 2 minute, and again around the 3 minute mark the volume of the music oscillates in such a way that it’s a little jarring. Not sure if you want it to do that, and if so, ignore this criticism. It actually made me wonder at those points if there was something a little wrong with my speakers, but there wasn’t. If that’s not something you were trying to do, I’d suggest that might need a little attention. If that is something you were hoping to do, please ignore that comment.
The voices are cool. I’m not surprised that they’re synthesized. They actually reminded me a bit of some late 70’s/early 80’s things done with vocoders by people like the Buggles.
Have fun with your music, and good luck in getting it to where you’ll want it to go.

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Hello, thank you for the long comment and the time you have dedicated to me. I listened to the song in other speakers, I didn’t hear the problem you told me, but I’ll pay more attention. I also used two reference songs. For the video: I did it with davinci resolve, I didn’t want to show only the cover, but I also didn’t want to make a professional video (I’m not a video professional), but if you liked it I’m happy :).