Amount of channels possible for routing in Kontakt 5


When I load Kontakt 5 I gets 4 stereo out, 4 aux out, and 48 mono out possible for routing in the VST instrument panel. I can see on youtube other peolple getting t.ex. 12 stereo out. I can add channels on the mixer in Kontakt but it doesn´t seem to change the amount of channels in output routing on the vst panel or the mixer.

Can anybody explain what determines the amount of channels possible for routing ?

Hans H

First, the number of channels/busses available for use in Cubase is determined by how much of them you set in Kontakt.

After this, in the ‘VST instruments’ window (F11 shortcut), right on the left of the ‘Kontakt’ entry, there is a little button (which looks like a little arrow going out of a box). Clicking on it shows all the channels/busses setted in Kontakt, hence usable in Cubase, and also allows you to select the ones needed…

Hi I know about the little button in the VST instrument window.

But I get no difference in the VST instrument window if I set 4 or 12 outputs in the Kontakt add Channels panel ! Only in the Kontakt mixer.

Okay solved. Now I got it. Saving as default and restarting Kontakt made the difference.