Amp Envelope in HALion 7 Releases With Note.. Any Workarounds?

I’ve been trying out HALion 7, but one issue that I’ve run into is that the “Amp” envelope releases when you release a note, making long evolving passages a lot more difficult. Is there any way to override that?

Lengthen the release stage by grabbing the box at the bottom of the envelope and dragging it to the right:

Also, check the info on Amp Env release here:

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Yes - interacting envelopes, and one can cut the other off.

Umm maybe I learned all this synthesis stuff wrong 30 or so years ago but, that’s what the envelope is supposed to do. If you want your notes to keep going, you don’t ‘release’ them and take your fingers off the keys…

When you take your fingers off the keys, the envelope goes into the release stage, which can be long or short, depending on the settings you give it.

Also, in more advanced synths like Halion, you can change the release time dynamically with release velocity.