Amp Rack = Nice!

Got the 6.5 update and I must say that AmpRack is sounding really good. Before the update, I always toyed around with it, but went back to my old standby third party amp sim. But now, I think it may be time to start using AmpRack for all my tracks.

I’m also loving PadShop. Good job Steinberg!

Glad you’re happy with it, but my understanding was that they didn’t change anything about amp rack except to add 2 or 3 effects pedals. A compressor/limiter and something else…not sure exactly. [EDIT: also some metal presets]

Anyone else understand differently?

I must admit with all the controversy going on no ones really talking about the changes to Amp Rack. Is anyone else feeling new found love for it in 6.5???

Ive always loved experimenting with it on Synths n basses. Enhancements in this area could be interesting.

Yeah, seems like they could use the same technology to model some classic mic pre-amps, too, for use on vocals and fattening up just about anything. Often much more subtle than a guitar amp, but it can make a huge difference when applied correctly.

I’m not a …dance, rap, or techno guy. So I’m really glad to see a great sounding VST Amp Rack!


Well it goes without saying. But im a guitar player too. Acoustic mainly, but i love plugin it in and searching for the Blues. A whole world of fun. Ive never done any serious projects with Amp Rack and a guitar. But i love to plug it in and play. Its a real asset to Cubase.

Yep, not used it in 6.5 yet but it’s quite good. I’m quite sure the compressor pedal was already there before 6.5 though. Limiter is new, maximizer is new, the metering is new and some new presets.

Maybe it’s the new presets? All I know is that I’m digging it much more than the old amp simulator plugin. This is a tool I can use :smiley:

There is presets, where?I didnt find any, did i missed smt when installing cubase 6?Could it be?