Amp sim during recording

Has anyone figured out a way to successfully monitor a DI track with amprack or any other amp sim?

DI track? what does that mean?

I assume you mean, how to monitor someones guitarplaying, with added inserts like amp rack? or did I misunderstand?

This I also want to know, and from the instructional videos I thought it was no problem, now it seems as if it is.

if anyone knows how this works please help


You have four insert slots in Performer app. You can load an amp sim VST or any other effect you want to use for monitoring. They need to be installed on performers computer.
You may need to perform a vst scan or point the app to your VST folder if no effects show up .

I haven’t been able to get VST connect to recognize any plugins on my side for testing or two different client sides. Not sure what I’m doing wrong as I’ve been using cubase for over a decade. Is it bugged?