Amp Sim in Cubasis 3.5

Not happy with the hard rock metal tones on this amp sim. Needs something along the lines of a Modern tight chug. Like a modern Marshall, Engl, Boogie John Petrucci, EVH 5150 all of the above with an overdrive like a tube screamer or Boss sd1 hitting the front end. The current Amp Sim is useless for Metal. Please work on it. Thank you.


Thank you for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Do you use Cubasis for iOS and did you check out the available 3rd party amp sim plug-ins which can be used in Cubasis via Audio Unit?

Hope that helps!


No. Android.

Many of the plugins are great. I have many years on Cubase…Starting 2003 if I remember correctly…The most important to me for a good Amp Sim is the overall tone.
3 Elements only. Great realistic Overdrives like a tube screamer or the boss sd1 in front
Great rock tones like the Marshall Peavey Mesa Engl etc. And great cab tones. Can always add the already great effects on the platform

One other thing that would be killer would be multi sampled acoustic drums. I use that feature on groove agent in cubase. Love it.