Amped Elektra, Cubase 12, USB eLicenser

Having installed C12 Pro (in cohabitation with C11 Pro and C7.5 32bit, which I need for older projects) and the bonus Amped Elektra, I discovered that the latter needs (at least for now) the USB eLicenser.
So I thought that to work with C12 without the dongle (which I want to connect only when actually needed, so as to preserve its… health as long as possible) it was enough to avoid using, inside C12, Amped Elektra (or any projects involving Amped Elektra).

Instead I discovered that C12, during every startup (before loading any projects), also checks Amped Elektra’s license and, not finding it, emits an error dialog.
I know I could “solve” this by removing AE, but that would prevent me from using it also when I connect the dongle to work with C11.
So my question is:
is there a way to have C12 simply ignore Amped Elektra, despite it being installed in the system?

Moreover, I saw just yesterday, for the very first time in all my Cubase years, a weird behaviour when trying to save a new C12 project, just created and almost empty (two MIDI tracks with a bunch of notes each); as soon as I pressed CTRL+S I got an error message saying:
“The Project could not be saved because: The project is corrupt! No new project could be created.”
Maybe it was just a coincidence (which brings some apprehension about C12), but a doubt obviously came spontaneously: could this be somehow related to the “missing” AE license?


You can do so in the Studio > VST Plug-in Manager.

That doesn’t seem to be possible.
Amped Elektra does not appear in my VST Plug-in Manager.
Probably because it is not a VST Instrument on its own, but just a sound library which can be used inside Halion Sonic SE. Which does not prevent it from having its own license.


Oh, you are right, I didn’t realize this, sorry.

Then I’m afraid there is no way.

I have this problem too. Crazy that Steinberg should screw this up so badly. Something that was a freebie should have been good for customer relations but it’s another screw up that reflects badly on the company. Bit of a shame really. I’m not too bothered about the sounds personally so am uninstalling the library.

Well, it seems to me too severe a judgment.
In fact, it seems more like an oversight (related to the transition to the new licensing system), which will probably be overcome with an upcoming update of the libraries.

Of course, those who bought C12 from scratch (without upgrading from C11 or previous) will find it impossible for now to use Amped Elektra and this certainly makes the bonus less … bonus. But the license is actually there, in the end, and it will have to be exploitable sooner or later.
In the meantime, the unavailability of some sounds is not likely, after all, to compromise the ability of making good (or bad) music, is it? :]