Amped elektra issue! 2024

“I have an issue; I have an old Amped Elektra code, but my eLicenser doesn’t display it. However, an old code appears on my website. When I attempt to update it, I’m informed that it’s not a valid code. Yet, I can clearly see the old number on my page. I received an email stating that Amped Elektra will be deactivated if I don’t update it. What solution do I have?”


If this Activation Code has been used already, go through the Reactivation Process, please.

I’ve tried many ways to reactivate it, and none work. I don’t know what else to do.


Do you see the previous Soft-eLicenser in your MySteinberg account?

only at the web, but at the account desapear, i got the old number and the new one no works.


What do you mean exactly, please? Can you see the old number in the Reactivation process? Do you see the new one in the eLicenser?

What do you mean, please? What exactly do you do? What do you see and what would you expect to see instead?

the old number from amped elektra i can see only on the web site, the elicencer is complete empty.

i see the old number in te reactivation process, and a new code no works, said “No se encontro nunguna licenciaa mejorar, por favor, conecte un USB eLIcencer que contenga una licencia apropiada para mejorar a su ordenador”

when i try to reactivate, apears “No existe ningún Soft-eLicenser con este número”.


Does it mean, there is no Soft-eLicenser Number in the eLicenser application at this moment, or does it mean, there is no previous Soft-eLicenser inyour MySteinberg account?

but in the website shows the amped elektra old serial number, and steinberg remove from elicencer, i don`t know why, it works since cubase 11 until the last buy of cubase 13

wharever you do, this time works, i can upload the code to the soft elicencer and and all back to normally. thanks!