Ampkit won't work any more.

I was running Ampkit as an In-App insert effect and it was working fine. But after a couple of hours it stops working, effectively muting the track until you remove it. I can re-load it but it still mutes everything. Anyone had this with In App inserts?


what is your setup? Ipad version, iOS and any interface that you are using?


Using the ipad air 2. 64 Gb. I think it it simething to do with ampkit. It only seems to take a headphone input. Just seems stranpge that it worked fir a while and then didn,t. Works fine on audiobus, just not on inter-app. Same on other ios daws.

I suggest to get in touch with Agile Partners about the issue.

I thought Ampkit is an IAA Input only? Using it as an IAA Effect does not work in my Environment either.

I had a similar issue with Ampkit, where it seemed very unstable at times, and fine others.

I now use Yonac Tonestack, I’ve not looked back, it is awesome, and works perfectly as IAA effect, so you can record clean signal from guitar and re-amp to your hearts content afterwards :slight_smile: