Amplitube 3 direct monitoring


when I start Cubase 7.5, I’m able to hear my clean electric guitar. when I create an audio track, I can monitor my clean guitar with or without hitting the monitoring (speaker) button. Now, when I add an insert, be it amplitube 3, delay effects or any insert… I am able to hear the effects only after I record and not in real time.

In real time, I just hear the clean standard sound of my E.guitar
I want to be able to listen directly to the effects whether I’m recording or not. What should I do?

I’d be very appreciative for your reply

in Device set up, uncheck ‘direct monitoring’ at your interface

Thanks Quintt- It worked!

very welcome. I am still learning Cubase myself so can only answer the noob questions but
happy to help where I can :>)