Amplitube 3 not showing/loading in Cubase Elements 8

Windows 10, 64 bit
Amplitube 3, 32 bit
Cubase 8, 32 and 64bit

(program files, .dll, vst, ARRGGGHHH)

I’m either overlooking the obvious or not so obvious or this is an anomaly!


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Hopefully you installed the AT3 64 bit version to use on a Cubase 8 64 bit version.

You need to find where the amplitube3.dll (or .vst3 depending on what you installed) file was installed. Make note of that folder location then go to the Cubase>Devices>Plug-In Manager menu. See if AT3 is showing up in the list on the VST Effects tab.

If yes, then click on each of the folders listed on the right hand side to see where it was installed to.

If no, then you need to add the folder path to what Cubase will scan. You do that by clicking on the Plug-In Manager Settings button (looks like a gear) at the bottom of the VST Effects screen. Click the “+” button and add the folder path to the installed .dll or VST3 file. Then click the “Rescan All” button (a couple of buttons to the right of the “+” button). Hopefully it will then show up in the list. If not, try restarting Cubase and recheck the list. If it is still not there, report back.

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