Amplitube/Audiobus question

Trying to record some bass through amplitube. Just purchased audiobus, seemed simple enough. In Audiobus, I routed Amplitube to Cubasis. In Cubasis, before recording I went to routing, audiobus, amplitube… but when I record, I get a stereo track. How can I get a mono bass track, going through amplitube? If I click mono in the routing, I get a dry signal.


Are you on iOS7?

If you are you could just create a mono track and then insert Amplitube as an inter-app effect, that should do what you’re looking for…

Not sure about Audiobus since I stopped using it once inter-app audio came out with iOS7.

Amplitube doesn’t show up in my inter app choices. That’s why I bought audiobus. Is there a way to get amplitube to show up there, that I don’t know about?

It shows as an effect, not as an input.
This is confirmed in Amplitube’s website where they mention inter-app support.

Thank you, and damn! Should have asked before dropping $5 on audiobus. Hope I find another use for it. Can apps be refunded? I know it’s just $5, but it’s still $5.

Audiobus seems like it might be VERY useful, not sure if we’ll have to buy that again or if we’ll get a special upgrade price, but don’t discard it just yet, also there’s many apps with audio bus and no inter-app!

Thanks Bry. I emailed them and they got back to me almost immediately. They were very kind about offering me a refund, but I may take your suggestion and keep it anyway. I do have a lot of other apps that I may need to be using it with. Will investigate further tomorrow :slight_smile:. Great customer service with audiobus. Great help at this forum too :slight_smile:.