Amplitube can't recognise the guitar signal on Cubase 8

The clean guitar signal is recognised by Cubase 8. But when I opened the Steinberg’s Ampsimulator or Amplitube for get some distortion or else, the guitar signal is not recognised by neither Ampsimulator nor Amplitube.
Can anyone help me please?

First, let’s clarify a few things.

  • It would be good to know your audio interface and computer OS.
  • Have you recorded a real guitar on an Audio track or a synth type guitar on an Instrument track?
  • Can you hear the clean guitar when you play it back?
  • If on an audio track, have you assigned the Amplitube (or Ampsinulator) VST effect to that track and picked a effect sound and activated the VST effect?
  • If you recorded some midi on an Instrument track these VST effects won’t work (and really would not be available to choose). So did you assign a VST Instrument and choose the instrument sound and activated the VST Instrument?

Regards :sunglasses: