An AI Logical Editor for Cubase

An AI Logical Editor for Cubase the one we now have is too Logical.


While waiting for PLE and LE to become artificial intelligences, you can always try with ChatGPT which knows these two Cubase editors well. Depending on your requests, ChatGPT could help you configure the various steps in PLE or LE according to your needs.

The results could be surprising. Give it a try!




What I find truly astonishing with GPT and PLE/LE in particular, wonderfully illustrated in @raino 's post here:

… is how much patience a user must have (not talking about raino here, raino has proven to be very calm and collected) with a language model, but when it comes to other people, patience’s usually very thin to begin with. So instead of a teacher user (raino), that kindly and patiently corrects the model’s mis-steps…

Imagine the average user asking a PLE question and one of us users answers below:

“Do this, gonna work 200%.”
“Didn’t work.”
“Ok, then this. 0% chance that it won’t work.”
“Still doesn’t work mate.”
“Then you need to do this. Honest.”
“Bruh, you sure you know how to PLE?”
“It’s obvious that this is a particular case where method X is needed.”
“Check your PMs, #$%@ :rage: :rage: :rage:


You are quite right…

However, I’m the [Raino] type, usually very patient and calm. It would never occur to me to shout at ChatGPT something like “poopies or get off the pot…”.

All the same, control is required. As you say with a lot of patience GPT can perhaps give us the solution… Why not try?

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Have you paid the license fee?

A key reason I got it to finally get the preset correct is because I already knew the correct result, and could lead it there. Most of the time you’d want it to write stuff you didn’t already know. I don’t think it was even close to that - at least back then, who knows now.

I watched 2001 last night. Now that HAL fella, I bet he could write an LE preset just fine. But he’d probably be pretty judgmental about your music, so…