An annoying thing about Write - Transpose

This thing catches me every time. If you do a SELECT ALL, and some of the music is behind a slashed region, those notes are not selected, and therefore not transposed. To work around this, you must remove all the slash regions, transpose, then rebuild all the slash regions. This is particularly troublesome because the need for transposition often comes after all the parts have been edited (including slash regions where needed,) or maybe the project was completed, and a different singer needs a transposed version.

I am trying to think of a good reason why SELECT ALL should not select all.

Selection in Dorico only works for visible items. Meaning if you hide signposts and have made sure your tuplets don’t show brackets nor numbers, they will not be selected! Hence the importance of showing signposts (and having a good shortcut or use the jump bar). Same rule applies to lusic hidden beneath slash regions, apparently, but there is no signpost, AFAIK.

This should work as you expect if you select using the system track. Or, if you temporarily “show other voices” behind the slash regions before making a selection in another way.

(Whether or not notes behind slash regions should be implicitly selected when you select the slash region in front of them, I don’t feel qualified to say!)


That would certainly be a worthwhile preference option, I would think.
I’ll try to remember to use the system track in the future. :slight_smile:

The problem here is that I don’t use the transpose function very often, so I keep forgetting this little hazard. I typically have a comping piano part behind the slashes, and there are invariably a few moments of panic when the piano player is off in the wrong key.