An audio engineer and percussionist's passing

HI Fellow Loungers

I am posting this as I lost one of my dearest old friends and mentors very suddenly last Thursday, to a massive heart attack, Don Sklepowich, of AudioTrax Digital Performance Concepts, Toronto, Canada, was just 55 years old. I shared studio space with AudioTrax back in the 1980’s and we collaborated many times since parting in the 90’s. Some of you may have actually worked with Don, his sphere of experience was wide and great. He was a computer tech for Glass Tiger for one tour, he worked in live recording, FOH, post production and all nature of archiving and media conversion. He was also my go-to percussionist and drummer from when we met in high school at age 15.

Don will be greatly missed, his last 15 years were spent as a media tech at University of Toronto’s Robarts Library Media Commons, he was about to embark on a whole new media suite set up for archiving and restoration for them, he was so excited about that… we all got ripped off.

If you wish to pay your respects, please see:

As I said on my comments there, the mix will never be the same now. :frowning: I tried hard to get him to switch to Cubase, he was a MOTU user since the beginning. He loved using Cubase, all the same.


Sorry to hear about your loss mate, best of luck filling up that big empty hole he left, both practically and emotionally!

:neutral_face: bummer… My condolences, Robin.

Hello Robin,

Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, he was much to young.

Take Care,

Very sorry to hear of your loss. Please accept my deepest condolences.


Knowing Don over a period of years, albeit only brief moments of direct Skype contact interspersed by Robin’s reports, I have memories of a good man.

Shock gives way to grief.

Rest in peace, Don.

My condolences.


Sorry to hear of your friend’s passing away, Robin :frowning: .

One of my own, very dearest friends has not got long to go…

All the best mate,


Sorry to hear of a good man’s passing.

Jim B

Sorry to hear of a good man’s passing.

Jim B

Sounds like a kool guy.
Sending much Aloha.

Thanks everyone, its a done deal, he’s in the ground… we’ll miss him… however, life goes on.

If you’re in your 50’s, get yerself checked out regularly, so that your family and friends can keep you as long as possible. That’s my take-away from this whole experience.

I made a gallery in his honor which we’ll keep going for a while…

His regular gig had this to say…


+1(cancer survivor here).

Just to add… any age. Do it!

Yes, remember Leedsquietman…