An Auto-Save or Save As Bug?

A couple of days ago Cubase started creating new versions that cannot be opened. Auto-save is disabled in the preferences. The file created is (file name)-01. When I click to open it Cubase says, "file cannot be opened…created with Cubase 1.x? Any clue?

I found two of these on my system a couple of days ago. It was an old project that I had not done anything with in a while so I assumed it just got corrupted over the time. I don’t think the files were newly created (I think they have been there a while) so I wonder if Cubase is just READING the files wrong? I definitely remember it saying it was a Cubase 1.x file though because my first Cubase version was 5. I will keep a closer eye on this.

I have seen the Cubase1.x error message as well, but I cannot remember how it happened. I assumed at the time that I’d just tried to open a new Cb session in say SX3 or something and didn’t take note. If it happens again then I will try to reproduce it.