An awful lot of msgs with problems, and few with praise for CB12. What is the real status?

Looking at this CB12 forum, it gives the feeling there are a lot of problems with this new release. I see very few satisfied customers, but I also realise that often those for whom it works without problems don’t tend to hang about in forums.

So what is the general feeling about this initial release of CB12?

Considering I have a stable CB11, is it worth the jump right now, or should I wait?

How many are glad they moved to CB12 already?

12 is working fine on my rig. My problems were with the convoluted procedure getting it up and running.

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The real status is that happy people rarely post anything.


You can have both. Install 12, keep running 11 on your existing projects.

I installed 12 with no issue, opened my current project and it went fine.

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I had a very easy time installing, activating and setting up C12 on Macbook Pro M1pro. So far it’s exceeding my expectations in terms of performance and stability, but I did spent A LOT of time making sure this machine only had compatible VST3 plugins leading up to the release.

Works without any issues here! Love it so far :heart:

Also here, no issues so far (Windows 10). Install was smooth and took over the settings from C11. I see a big increase of audio performance as well.

Rock solid release, upgrade process a little quirky.

There are some really big changes. The inspectors for things like AudioWarp have been cleaned up, that tiny but viral button to enable the function is now big and obvious. I was a bit baffled the first time I used AudioWarp as it now has a different cursor which floats around slightly so I was inserting and selecting at a different point (there is a good reason I just forget the key phrase).

The controller implementation’s most interesting feature is the quick controls, and nearly every window has been updated to have a very useable control surface representation of them, and selection of function.

It seems perkier. Not crashed, but then 11.04 didn’t crash either.

11 and 12 run on the same computer.

So, a big update, some big features in Pro, less so in Artist (which I have), clearly an enabling rewrite so expect an interesting point upgrade during the year. Need to upgrade for this? Dom on Pro was blown away by some of the changes - his enthusiasm level was up 50% from his normal 107.3%! On Artist, it’s just better but 11 was functionally similar.


Only praise here. Exceeds Expectations, by far.
:black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart:

…Just going to go ahead and say it. A lot of the supposed issues don’t seem real.

I should add that even running in Rosetta2 mode on M1 I’m getting stability improvements over C11. Plugins that were spiking uncontrollably are now playing very nicely. This means I can use this mode for finishing up my last few jobs that already have VST2 plugins in them in an even smoother workflow.

the status is: it’s a brand-new steinberg release. they are always rocky until at least the first patch. people are doing the right thing by discussing their problems here (and hopefully filing actual support tickets/bug reports in case it’s a problem with the software and not the user). this is how steinberg learns all the corner-case issues they didn’t comprehend in their internal testing.

EDIT: no way I’m touching 12 right now. biding my time.

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Works just fine over here.
There are stuff I’m not used to yet but it will be ironed out.
New and old licenses both work.
No show stoppers … and if there were I still have Cubase 11.

No big problems so far, one crash (when inserting an Arturia plugin, so that might be the culprit), pleasantly surprised by the improved CPU usage.
But the license upgrade process was definitely stupidly convoluted and overly complex…. Not very user friendly.
Mildly disappointed that there are still some widgets/windows left from SX times (Settings, key commands). I mean, really?

Lots of issues here. 12 is not usable for me at the moment. Startup errors, very slow initialization, issues opening certain Halion instruments. Sticking with 11 for the time being.

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Anyone get a black screen for two to three seconds just before windows desktop opens?
This did not happen untill i put Cubase 12 in

all the best john

Also for me everything was fine…have already made first vocal recordings.(with UAD Apollo and Sphere L22) and it all ran stable.Super update for me and it was all transferred without problems(old Cubase 11 projects)
So that also times what positive is written…for me…TOP…

Same here. Works fine. Update convoluted.

Do you also get asmedia root hub drivers go missing. Checked device manager and now have unknown device on two ASmedia drivers since Cubase 12 update They are just not there and i believe they were meant for win 10. I have ASmedia 3.00 and 3.01 so i do not know what is going on
All my usb drive still work ok.
someone has upset the Applecart. :yum:

I am not experiencing this issue

I’m still waiting for a trial version to come out. But I’m hearing good news about it. Hopefully they accelerate the release of the trial version till april is a bit too much!