An E-Licenser problems

I guys I need help. Started my computer today and clicked on the Cubase icon, and got a message that said there was ‘no valid license found’. I clicked on the Start activation option and got a box asking for activation code. I bought the software 4 years ago via download and despite searching, came up empty handed.
I logged in to My Steinberg and followed the instructions to bring up the eLCC and it refuses to start, so I can’t enter a SeL number. So basically I’m stuffed!!
Can I download the software again, considering I’ve paid for it?

Which Cubase version? I’m guessing Elements if you mention a “SeL number”?

Which operating system? These two details, at least, should be given by anyone looking for help.

I would surely think so. However, reinstalling the mystery software certainly won’t help in this situation. On a side note, doesn’t anyone save and backup software installers anymore?

Sorry, my bad, its Elements 9 running on Win 7 Pro. This computer has had lots of problems over the past 4 years, primarily a failed hard drive which contained various original software including Cubase Elements 9.
Additionally, I’ve tried a system restore which failed.
Hope this helps.

You should be able to launch the eLCC application from the Windows start menu. I would recommend installing the latest version, running it as Administrator, and letting it perform maintenance tasks.

eLicenser Control Center - License Management – Steinberg Support

I’ve done all that to no avail. I’ve pushed it up to Steinberg Support. Thanks for your help.