an easy way of loading a set of channels

According to 8.5 manual,
it seems that it’s easy to save a preset for a set of channels (e.g. drums, vocals, parallel compressions, etc.) -
indeed just choose the relevant channels and press “save track preset”.

However loading them back it’s another story…
According to the manual, you should first create the very same amount of channels and types,
before you can load this preset.
Which is actually not an easy task, also most likely of making mistakes in during, which avoid you loading this necessary preset.
This limitation pretty much makes this feature unusable.

Is there another way of loading a bundle of channels without the need of creating them first??


Creating templates and working from them before saving presets for sets of channels is the way to go. It is IMO the best way to work. Granted this took me quite a while to realize and a bunch of time figuring out what it is I want in any given template.

Agreed that it would be awesome if Cubase could just pull up/create every track, insert, VST, Group channel, and output for each with one click. But that is just too much to ask.

Besides, I have never once had a situation where one exact template or preset worked exactly for another project. If it did, then I would assume I was being lazy and not listening…

Again, it would be cool to be able to import a set of preset tracks, but that is not an ability just yet.

Even a template you at some point had to create it and save it.

I know of 3 ways not including saving templates as mentioned above, but you have to create and save them first.

  1. save and load track presets.
  2. use function “save selected” and “load selected” Note: you can’t use this with instrument tracks.
  3. export selected track/import track archive

Of the 3 methods I use method 3 most often. It seems to get me where I want the quickest.

I believe the issue of saving a certain number of tracks and then having to load that exact same number is referring to the functions “save selected” and “load selected.” Let me know if I’m wrong.

Have you tried the new Import -> Tracks from Project feature…? Not done a thorough look into it, but it sort of works ok here - even if looking at much older v5 projects for source material.! You get the track and its data; you’ll need to re-route outputs to match your current project.

It might work for you… :wink:


Echoing greggybud. The Track Archive feature works a treat. Audio or VSTi channels (for example, multiple outputs for BFD2) are loaded to target project, complete with fader levels, pans and fx sends and FX channels.

1 Select channels from any project by highlighting them, Export Selected tracks (either copy or reference media files- in my example I reference them)

2 Open target project, Import Track Archive, make your selection of tracks and OK.

This is going to import the midi track/audio track/instrument track/ etc. I think the OP is just wanting the empty channels with exisiting inserts/routings/sends etc that can be loaded for any project?

Import tracks is great for creating a remix where you want a track from the original mix, or maybe you accidentally deleted a track from your current project and after a few updates you just now noticed it.

Ok, good thinking - got ya

Seems like a reasonable workflow. Does it preserve the sends routing? Folders? Etc.

I don’t believe it preserves folders. It should preserve inserts, sends, and routing.

OK, I can manage with that…
It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

Thanks everybody for this instructive discussion.