An End-Of-Year Note Of Appreciation

As we enter the final days of 2018 I would like to express my congratulations and appreciation to the Dorico team for all their work and progress this year. The work, I’m sure has been long, and hard. The progress has, I’m sure, been at times difficult. But when we look back at all that has been implemented this year, it has been amazing.

With different categories of users all pressing for changes that address their particular needs, I believe the team has managed to produce enough on each front to both satisfy and whet the appetite of each group.

A year ago I was a Dorico owner but not a user. Now, because of features and improvements introduced this year, I am now able to use Dorico for my need, composition. This need required improvements in playback (for compositional feedback) that, while not yet fully implemented, have progressed enough that I can work in Dorico.

I must add that for me, one key to playback improvement has been the introduction of NotePerformer support. It was a game-changer for me, so thanks to Arne and the Dorico team for making that happen.

We all have lots to look forward to in 2019.

I agree. Note Performer was the big push for me this year. I’d been watching the Dorico videos for a couple years. After the big Note Performer update this year, and a new list of exciting Dorico improvements, I felt the move was inevitable so I made the jump a couple weeks ago.

I’ve been a Sibelius user for the last ten years, a Finale user for the ten years prior to that, and believe it or not, a ‘Music Printer Plus’ user for a couple years before that, so my notation software legacy goes back twenty five years.

For starters, the GUI in Dorico is pure genius. It’s intuitive and well thought out. The idea of having multiple flows, and players who can be turned on and off for each flow is something I never knew I so desperately needed until now.I haven’t even printed anything yet and I’m already excited about getting to that PRINT tab at the end. And don’t even tease me with a semi-functioning piano roll and tempo editor. I’ve been begging for this concept for decades. Honestly, I haven’t visited that tab in any real capacity yet, but it looks like the beginning of something stellar. The idea of fine-tuning a NotePerformer performance is really exciting.

Of course, I’m already griping on this forum for features and fixes that I’d like to see added to Dorico in time, but then one can’t sell short what’s already here. A fingering tool? What! I could’ve really used that a month ago. And shifting music, or an entire flow by a dotted eighth backward or forward in time, c’mon, That’s impossible. Not anymore. Now, I can’t imagine working any other way. Yes, it’s easy to beg for more, but it’s also important to celebrate what’s already here.

So yes, I’m a fan already. I’m still painfully slow in write mode, but I feel myself getting a bit faster everyday. The videos have been really helpful. I’m looking forward to printing my first Dorico project in 2019. Dorico has a print button, right? :wink: Thank you Dorico team!

D’accordo. While I’d toyed with v.1, and been impressed with the concepts and the handling of a few simple scores, the v.2 release started to make bigger and more complex projects feasible. What limitations remained have mostly been blown away by 2.2.

I’m currently finishing off a bunch of titles originally done in a whole bunch of separate files in Finale, which I can now have as one Dorico project, containing Full Score, Vocal Score, and instrumental parts (with tacets!).

If I were greedy, I could ask for condensing staves (two parts on one staff in the score, etc), and some more flexible staff-hiding options, but I have no doubt that v.3 is going to make me drool, whatever is in it.

For me, 2018’s improvements (esp. Noteperformer support) let me use Dorico first for most of my needs. By far the latest patches along with the 2.0 core product have made it easy for me to use Dorico as my main composing software.

A swift skim through the Version History reminds me that this time last year, we didn’t have:

  • NotePerformer

  • Custom Playing Techniques

  • Explode/Reduce

  • Bar Repeats

  • Slashes

  • Ossias

  • Divisi

  • Hollywood Time Signatures

  • Video

  • System Track

  • Custom Noteheads

  • Swing Playback

  • MIDI recording

  • Symbols Editor

  • Tacets

  • Intelligent Flow Headings

  • Intelligent Trills

  • Custom brackets/braces

  • Jazz Articulations

and goodness knows what else.

Congratulations to the team for their continued fantastic work and the lightning speed of development. I have no doubt that 2019 will another bumper year, and in the meantime I hope that the team are enjoying some much-needed rest :smiley:

I must also chime in. I’ve been not very active on the forum, but I follow it diligently. After 15-odd years with Sibelius, Dorico has been my main tool lately. I use it for teaching, both to create worksheets and tests and in class, as a digital whiteboard, where it absolutely shines. I used the ver2 improvements this year to complete some complex film work. The flow system and the flexibility of rhythm and meter has transformed the way I write and has been a big part in music I’ve finished this year and am getting ready to release. It’s been a while since I’ve had so much fun just using software…

A particular thank you to the Steinberg team; their dedication is exceptional: Daniel was even here answering questions on Christmas Night itself!

All the best to you all for 2019.

I add my voice to the praises here. And to the impressive list made by Leo (the Dorico Wizard), I’d add the fact that lyrics do not drop letters anymore :champagne:

I want to particularly thank the team for making Dorico’s user interface so wonderfully logical that hobby users such as myself can very comfortably use its features and appreciate its honestly stupendous benefits over competing programs just as readily as professional users who write or arrange music for a living. Thanks also (especially, but not only, to Daniel) for helping create and maintain such an incredibly supportive Dorico community in this forum and elsewhere.

Thanks for that list, Leo. A nice reminder of all the earlier groundbreaking new features that 2.2 made me forget.

This is all way beyond impressive: the pace of development is just incredible!

Many thanks and best wishes for 2019 to the team and to all who participate in making this forum a friendly, welcoming and creative place!

Yes yes yes yes

This one alone made my day/week/month/year…

and goodness knows what else.

I know what:

  • The long awaited repeat jumps

YES :exclamation: :exclamation:
Congratulations too

I think 2019 will be the year I’m turning my back to Sibelius and start for real with Dorico

I think a thank you should also go out to members of this forum like
and goodness knows how many other major contributors I have momentarily overlooked
for the time and expertise they have shared to help others in the past year (and longer).

Thank you too!

Happy New Year from London :smiley:

I haven’t upgraded to version 2 yet, but I want to add my thanks to all of the above, and especially thanks for giving us something well worth upgrading TO, and I will do so soon.

–Len B

I would like to echo my appreciation for the Dorico team. Making sheet music for players has never been more enjoyable. May the program continue to redefine software notation practices!

Another note of appreciation for the team, their superb dedication, vision and hard work. This is one of the most helpful development team and supportive forum I have come across in a long time. Very best wishes (and great new ideas) for the coming year!
Best regards,


Happy New Year to all! Massive appreciation to Daniel et al. Dorico started at least a generation further on than any other notation software and has been developed (and bug fixed) at an unbelievable pace. I’ve never come across software with a big company behind it that has a team so engaged with users. I can’t imagine all the things Dorico will learn to do in the next year but I’m excited!

Happy new year everybody! I’m joining to the praise. After the trial period, I’m preparing for the transition, and I long to know what 2019 brings us!
Congratulations to the team!

Just want to join the chorus of thanks to each and every person involved–and will be involved–in Dorico (including this forum). You are certainly appreciated very much for your excellent work and professionalism.