An even humbler wishlist

I´ve posted this before, but unfortunately Steinberg didn´t listen…

Anyway, here it is with some additions:

  • Please bring back the undo-function in the Key Editor.
  • Please bring back the home/end function in the Mixer.
  • Please give us more mixdown options for Video export so we can render smaller sized videos.
  • Please let there be an option to queue all Midi-tracks on export. Not only the outputs of the
    Vst-instruments ( If there is, please let me know!).
  • Please remove bug when dragging audio into Cubase it switches to Desktop.

And some issues in 11.0.20:

  • Video won´t play anymore. There´s a “udate graphic card…” warning, but everything works fine in
    10.5 and 11.0
  • Please fix this persistent showing of the Status Line.
  • ALT-Drag copy sometimes doesn´t work in the key editor
  • You can´t drag and drop files when you load Cubase as administrator
  • EDIT: Muted parts now hide behind unmuted on the same track, so you can´t see them anymore.
    Is there a way to undo this?

Thanks you Steinberg, I love you and I hate you…

What happens if you update your graphics card/driver, use a supported and patched version of Windows, and run Cubase as the normal user you installed it as?

Thanks, bu what do you mean by a supported and patched version of Windows?
Video works fine in 10.5 and 11.0 like I said, so it seems there´s an issue with video in 11.0.20
I have a NVIDIA RTX 2070


Absolutely agree with your number 4. How many people these days use one MIDI track per VST- Instrument?, That’s a big NONE!! With VE Pro I am using up to 16 MIDI tracks per instance of VE Pro. So exporting them separately is a pain in the proverbial.
Import track data should allow us to import from a VST track to a MIDI track and vice versa. As it is, I have to import the VST track with data, copy the data to the MIDI track and then delete the VST track. Most bothersome.