An idea for [music] /"made with ..."threads

Some like the idea of “made with Cubase”, some not so much.

DON’T CLICK ON THE LINK but If you search for “music” the URL looks like this:

This returns too many results so the phpBB software stops the request.
OK, you can click now if you have to but it’s not like there is an easter egg there or something.

What you could do would be asking the mods to put a sticky at the top at the lounge.
It could contain instruction to search for a unique [word], wich just has to be “unique enough”.
Anybody who put up a topic with a new song put this [word] in the title and all of a sudden it’s searchable!!! :sunglasses:
It could be something like [madeWithSteinberg] or [XmusicX] or whatever.
That would return a digestible number of hits for the software.
The phpBB strips any non-letter character out of the search for safety reasons so a characters only word it has to be.

You can save a bookmark/favorite/link or whatever your browser calls a saved URL.
Then the next time you invoke the link you get an updated search!

Reasonably good? Better than nothing? Should we have a poll about the [word]?

It’s a good idea, but it only works if everyone does it.
I think Steinberg should come up with something. I know other forums (don’t know if that’s phpbb) allow you to add tags to a new topic. Just add music as a tag to your post and have an option to search for tags.
Or ideally a separate (sub)forum.

well, everybody who really wants get heard can just add a [word] and if you don’t want to or don’t care to read the stickies is up to you. It’s a no cost, minimum effort solution if anybody likes it :slight_smile: seems to work pretty well.

Wtf is so wrong with having a dedicated section for creativity with the companies products to completely remove said section? It’s just so backward. I’d love to hear a sound, logical explanation for taking the effort to remove such a section. I’d just like to share that I think whoever decided one day “hey, lets merge forum sections to make threads all cluttered and messy and uncategorized for the users” is an absolute muppet in the truest sense of the word.

You don’t need a soundcloud account to listen, unless the uploader specifically restricts access to his song (which is not the case by default).
Soundcloud has a really good app for Android, but I don’t know how useful that is without an account.

I have the same thought as Steve. While never It was never intended as a mainstay in my life. This electronic stuff has taken over and eventually it all gets bogged down, slowed down and screwed up. Every two or three years a rebuild restores performance but I just don’t need that “stuff”

And I don’t need ads popping up on the edges of the screen in searches I did two weeks earlier. Can’t tell you how many ads I have gotten for a mig welder I looked up in September

Hollow point here.

I’ve also noticed that a large percentage of the time, soundcloud will simply not play. I’ll check out maybe two linkss and they’ll work then further links will not - press the play button and nothing happens (apart from the play icon switching).
Rarely have this problem with e.g. YouTube!

i have no problems at all with soundcloud bandcamp utube myspace nothing at all with anything , although i only browse with my pc which has the latest Norton Internet Security , i never suffer with pop ups or anything .

Are you using internet explorer by any chance? I got that sometimes, but it’s never happened to me on Chrome.

Yes, generally Internet Explorer - at work I have no control over this decision so i.e. it is.
At home my PC is dedicated to Cubase and not to web surfing so again I’m not prepared to load different flavours of browser - if it doesn’t work with i.e. I’m not interested.

Try using compatability mode in Internet Explorer for the soundcloud website, that should give you the old soundcloud layout and player that worked fine for me. It’s that ripped paper icon in the URL bar (not available on all websites.)

Anybody who put up a topic with a new song put this [word] in the title and all of a sudden it’s searchable!!

Probably take two days to get the too many results error again, not a good idea.

A major +1 on this point.

Man, you love your ancient gear, Steve!!! :laughing:

Anyways, I just found this “Made with Steinberg” debacle seems to have ironed out itself.
I just wanted to point to how human we all are after all
by linking to a topic with a little freudian slip/typo at the end:


close this one now!


You still ain’t learnt to link to a specific post. :laughing:

:open_mouth: :blush:

like soooo …

I’m just retarded! I know how to do dat but I ain’t using it! Probably some kind of embarrassment fetish? :laughing:

Awww, crap! True to form I forgot to link to the “Made with Steinberg” subforum I stumbled upon.

Now tell me to go to bed early today!