An idea for the Repeats popover

Just an idea. It feels like a very Dorico thing to be able to do. And of course the option to Alt-Enter if it’s just on one staff.



I would very much like this as well. While adding separate forward and backward repeat bars doesn’t take very long in Dorico, Finale’s single contextual menu command ‘Create simple repeat’ was quicker and handier.


This is probably a stupid question, but why would you want to have a repeat on one staff and not the others? If one of the players repeats and the others don’t, they’re out of sync, aren’t they?

Pietzcker, I think the idea is to have a single command for introducing both start repeat and end repeat barlines, typically to all players and staves. There’s only one stave in Dan’s screenshot. I’m not sure why you’re assuming that there are other staves in the same system.

edit: re-read Dan’s final sentence - now I understand! Yeah, it’s much rarer but not remotely unusual to have independent repeats in e.g. aleatoric music.

Music written in polymeters might have use for this. The whole idea is to be out of synch. Charles Ives would have loved Dorico.

It’s pretty common also in stage music (opera or musicals), in scenes where the accompaniment repeats a pattern (“vamps”) while a recitative or other free melodic line is sung. Or the other way around (as in some Britten works) – an ongoing orchestral passage, over which group “chatter” is created by individual characters repeating short phrases.

Also, shouldn’t one be able to select a bar or bars, invoke the popover, and type [1,2] or [1-3] and end up with a repeat bar that shows 1,2 or 1-3 under the line, with the next number in the series under a line over the following bar?