An important service has become unresponsive - elicenser VEP Conflict

Here is my procedure:

-Cubase runs fine when I open it first.
-If I open VEP and start loading, and THEN open Cubase I get this error:

"eLicenser Control - Error

An important service has become unresponsive

Please restart your computer to fix this problem."

I have the latest version of eLicenser downloaded direct from the website. Cubase 9.5.30, VEP 6.0.17011

I’m having this exact same problem. If I open VEP later, I get a message saying eLicenser doesn’t have enough permissions. Once I click OK, VEP loads and works. Still, there is clearly a problem. I’m getting this on Cubase 10 btw, so doesn’t seem it’s a Cubase issue but elicenser.

Why has no one addressed this? I just got the same after updating the eLicencer software and VE Pro 7 Demo. Cubase 10.0.4