An Index of Dorico Videos?

Since the thread below is the most recent reference I can find that even mentions indexing Doricio videos, does anyone know of a index of the videos on Dorico? I am really limiting this to videos issued by Steinberg, either Anthony’s How-To videos or John Barron’s “Discover Dorico” contributions.

Sometimes, after checking the manual or release notes (especially if I am still not clear or not having success), I try to find a video dealing with the problem but find the Blog offerings or YouTube listings chaotic, especially if what I might be looking for is a sub-item in one of the “Discover Dorico” posts. I realize that the Dorico Team is small and already busy doing what they are supposed to be doing, so I am not asking any of them to take this on; but if anyone can point me (and perhaps others) towards any index listing that may exist, I would be grateful to know of that resource.


I can only approve of the request. Locating the most recent videos on YouTube is far from easy. It would be great if we had access to a sortable list.

search for dorico on youtube, and choose the video or playlist tab
ie :

Thanks for the tip. I realize that I had never gone beyond the Home tab.

That is certainly a good start. Thank you, shr23.

A colleague of mine has made a Word file with Dorico video links. I haven’t checked to see how up-to-date it is, but it might still be useful nevertheless. I’ll check with him if he wouldn’t mind its being posted here.

For anyone interested, here’s a Word file with a collection of video links, made by Henri Heuvelmans. It might be useful as a starting point and it could be updated regularly.
Dorico YouTube (15.2 KB)

Wow. That looks great! Do you know the version (cut off) date of your colleague’s file so we can know where/when to start searching for subsequently released videos?

I’ll ask him and let you know.