An indicator and alert box when "Record start at cursor/left locator" is active

This command works but …
I wish I didn’t have to change back and forth so often just because it’s toggled the wrong way for something I happen to work at. It’s kind of one of those cases where if it can be set wrong it is …

So then I have to stop the record operation and change. Every time. Eventually it’s no fun anymore. So I wish there was a little alert box like e.g. the one for “auto monitoring” and loads of others just giving a brief info that something happened when I was fingering around, intentionally or unintentionally. Also at the same time while I’m at it there is a good chunk of commands that do not have such an alert, and I don’t know why?

But back to the record start command.
What I’d like to see is a) an alert box showing when I change the setting and b) a red indicator in the triangle of the left locator, like this:
img cubase
or something like that?

Anyone? :slight_smile:


That little red triangle indicator is actually pretty good idea.
Happens to me too often that I have it toggled the wrong way and cubase doesn’t start recording when it reaches the left locator….
It is of course somewhat visible in the transport bar, because the button lights up when active, but the additional hint would be helpful.

I honestly think this sounds like a terrible idea. Having the program notify you of a command you invoked just in case you did so by mistake is looking at the problem from the wrong end. Much better to try and fix the issue at the source.

I honestly think this sounds like a fantastic idea! A simple indication that is easy to spot and feels intuitive. I fully support this feature request! :+1:

Well, it’s already there and maybe I’m not explaining it very well. It’s just one of these that last for two seconds in the middle of the screen. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it! Here is an example, but there are loads of them.
img cubase 2
So mistake or not, you’ve probably seen those and they’re … severely unobtrusive! :smiley:

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